Guy Wire Maintenance

Guy Wire Maintenance SERVICES

  • Ensures structural integrity
  • Visual inspection of ground tackle
  • Drone inspection of stack connections and tip to identify any developing issues


As guy wires work in the wind, they creep and elongate. This is normal and should be subject to periodic maintenance. It is recommended that guy wire tensions be checked after six months, one year, and every three years thereafter. The other effect of the elongation is it reduces the tension on clips. The clips should be checked after thirty days, and then according to the same schedule as for tensioning.

Different equipment require different schedules and care:


The stack is generally operated at a temperature very close to ambient, which means there is no thermal growth in the stack that is not offset by an equal amount in the wires. Therefore, tensioning can be carried out at any time.


These stacks operate at a temperature quite different from ambient, and this must be considered when tensioning. It is not recommended to tension these wires at times other than operating, unless the stack is down for quite a length of time.


Towers operate at ambient temperature and may be tensioned at any time, as temperatures do not affect the tensions.


Individual wires rub against each other and wear due to movement, shortening the life of the wire. Periodic lubrication of the wires reduces this wear and also provides additional protection against corrosion.

Though it may take a long time for wires to wear out, if not closely monitored and maintained, when a guy wire reaches a catastrophic state it can suddenly release and cause damage to surrounding structures and equipment and to the stack itself.