Drone Inspections

Drone Inspections

With the growing popularity of drones, we can fly over live flare tip areas to more easily assess conditions to determine what maintenance is required to repair your flare.

By using a small, high-resolution thermal or HD camera attached to the underside of the drone, it is now possible to take pictures and video of the flare in operation months before your actual Turnaround. Then information gathered by the drone can be reviewed, analyzed and provide your engineers with the tools to determine required flare tips repairs.

The drone's GPS control facilitates fully automated approaches for specified check points and collision protection with active camera stabilization.


  • Inspections crews are also our most experienced technicians
  • Flare experts
  • Knowledge of common component failures
  • Years of hands-on experience repairing failed components
  • Know what inputs are critical to your planning process
  • Certified drone pilots
  • Internal and External Drones
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Comprehensive report and recommendations
  • Identify work scopes prior to outage
  • Understand and highlight long lead time components
  • Identify components showing early warning signs prior to failure


The drones we fly are DJI Matrice 300 Drones with 200x zoom cameras. They are a commercial grade drone with higher wind tolerance, collision avoidance, built in transponders for other air craft, and heated batteries for colder weather operation. Our Zoom camera allows us to complete a detailed inspection of the specific flare and stack components from a safe distance from the structure.

Our drones are registered with Transport Canada and our pilots are Transport Canada certified advanced drone pilots. We carry $10MM in insurance and have a complete flight operations manual to support drone operations. When required, our pilots submit notification to Transport Canada and file their NOTAMs.